LITTLETON, Colo. —  Aug. 11, 2020 — MINES & Associates (MINES) is leveraging the extensive management and Human Resources support components found in the core Employee Assistance Program that MINES offers. The goal is to help leadership teams address symptoms of organizational trauma within their companies. Often, these challenges are beyond what leaders have been trained to address, much less that no leader has ever been through times like these. Organizational trauma occurs when an organization is severely impacted by multiple factors both internal and external to the organization that has a serious negative impact on the functioning of the organization and the wellbeing of the employees. Today this includes the COVID19 pandemic, social and political unrest, and economic turmoil, just to name a few.

MINES’ services can be used to help organizations deal with these traumas by providing consultation, facilitated conversations around systemic issues, conflict resolution, and critical incident support both onsite and virtually. Organizational trauma topics that MINES helps address include COVID19 related anxiety affecting employees, economic hardship up to and including going out of business, the uncertainty of economic recovery, societal unrest impacting business functions, new benefit challenges related to current legislation, increased substance use problems, increased domestic violence, and increased mental health issues concerning all the organization’s employees. MINES also supports the behavioral health of employees that may be impacted by these issues, providing digital, virtual, and in-person confidential counseling, wellness coaching, legal and financial resources, work/life balance tools, and educational support around important mental health topics and self-care during these challenging times.

“Many of our clients have faced adversity in recent months and it has been inspiring to engage them in creative solutions and thrive.” – Dani Kimlinger, Ph.D., CEO at MINES.
Employers or benefits consultants looking for support options can find out more information by visiting or calling 1-800-873-7138.

About MINES:

Since 1981, MINES has been a nationally recognized, award-winning business psychology firm that provides behavioral health services to employers including employee assistance programs, managed behavioral healthcare, workers compensation EPO behavioral health services, organizational development, wellness programs, behavioral risk assessment, disease management, specialty behavioral health PPO services, and other customized behavioral health programs nationwide.