BELLEVUE, Wash. — Aug. 31, 2020 — Today employee experience software company Limeade announced new innovation designed to help companies show authentic care for employees. As companies navigate the new world of work, Limeade Well-Being, Limeade Engagement and Limeade Inclusion solutions deliver the flexibility and relevance to create an employee experience that fuels business success.

“2020 has revealed deep flaws in the way we work — stress, burnout, isolation and inequity to name a few — and companies are stepping up to listen and act in authentic ways,” said Henry Albrecht, Limeade CEO. “Our value to the market has never been clearer, and our decision to go public has allowed us to innovate with even greater purpose. Designing an experience that acknowledges the depth of real human need is essential to the future of work — and our platform embodies this in ways that disconnected point solutions can’t.”

2020 Deloitte report found that companies’ top two employee priorities are well-being & belonging, but only half of companies feel prepared to address these priorities. Employee sentiment is similar: one in three have left a job because they didn’t feel their employer cared about them as a person. When COVID-19 stay-at-home orders were announced in mid-March, Limeade ONE usage nearly doubled from the prior month and remains high today — increasing by 54% from January to July — showing the intense need to communicate and connect within organizations.

“Most organizations’ initial response to the pandemic was led by public health restrictions, mandates and were incredibly reactive,” said Sarah Brennan, Principal & CEO of Accelir Insights. “Today, companies realize what was expected to be short term changes will continue. Strategic leaders in large and small companies are looking not just how to react but also how they can collect, measure, and improve their actions proactively and respond to employees’ needs using data analytics and feedback. This shift in mindset is the essence of Employee Experience.”

Limeade has launched the following platform innovations to address these trends:


  • Enhanced Employee Listening – Quickly gather and analyze employee perceptions surrounding work conditions and return-to-work strategies, featuring recommended and custom survey questions created by the Limeade Institute. All data and insights are available in the new Limeade Insights Listening Dashboard.
  • Report a Safety Incident – Instant alert reporting, enabling employees to report worksite safety incidents or other issues that need attention
  • Health Check – Daily check-in procedure enabling employees to privately report COVID-19 symptoms directly from their mobile phone
  • Ask a Question – Enable employees to ask questions to key groups like HR, COVID-19 task forces, company leadership and more


  • COVID-19 Activity Library – More than 50 new science-backed program activities and 100 updated activities that support employees, unite companies and maximize resources in the new world of work. Topics include self-care, burnout, financial well-being, confidence building, manager support and fun ways to stay socially connected in isolating times.
  • Leadership Spotlight – A dedicated channel making leaders more visible and accessible; provides individual leaders the ability to post messages straight from their device to the entire organization
  • Return-to-Work Guide – Efficiently deliver company resources for employees to return to work, including manager tools to support their teams in today’s changing environment
  • Onboarding – Customize the onboarding experience within Limeade Solutions to support different user types including location, job role and other attributes
  • Emergency Notifications and Resources – Resource center with emergency contact information and notifications to easily notify target groups of upcoming workplace disruptions
  • Benefits Wallet – A dedicated location where employees can view and access every essential benefit in one place
  • Employee Resource Group (ERG) support – Virtual ERG sign-up sheets, channels for conversation, easy to access resource centers and chat functionality for group members


  • Automated Milestones – Help employees feel valued and celebrated with automated birthday and work anniversary recognition
  • Living Company Values – Customizable badges that promote company values, reinforcing employees’ sense of purpose during challenging times

“Employers need to show employees they authentically care to build trust, loyalty and commitment from workers,” said Laura Becker, Employee Experience Research Manager at IDC. “Employee experience solutions can reach employees with continuous listening and communication mechanisms that show that they are a priority and that they are not alone; resulting in better engagement and business outcomes.”

These new capabilities are available as part of the Limeade Well-Being, Limeade Engagement and Limeade Inclusion solutions. In addition to new program features, Limeade offers maximum flexibility to extend solutions to create company-specific features to drive participation and improve the employee experience.

About Limeade
Limeade is an employee experience software company that helps build great places to work. The Limeade platform unifies employee well-being, engagement and inclusion solutions with industry-leading communications capabilities. Recognized for its own award-winning culture, Limeade helps every employee know their company cares. To learn more, visit