BELLEVUE Wash. — April 20, 2021Today employee experience company Limeade announced it is expanding the company’s industry-leading Well-Being solution by incorporating the company’s science-backed inclusion technology. Grounded in research, the Limeade inclusion survey and activities enables leaders to measure and take action on inclusion — further empowering employers to better care for and support the needs of today’s workplace.

U.S. businesses spend billions of dollars each year on diversity and inclusion trainings, yet despite this, companies are still failing to foster a sense of belonging in the workplace. A recent EY report found, 40% of employees feel isolated at work which has resulted in lower organizational commitment and engagement. Limeade is expanding its solution to incorporate updated employee feedback and listening opportunities, activities and on-demand dashboards to help build and sustain an inclusive workplace, decrease turnover risks and improve job performance.

“Research tells us that well-being and inclusion are inextricably connected and we’ve seen this reinforced as the pandemic and recent racial justice movements have transformed the lives of employees,” said Padmashree Koneti, Limeade VP of Product. “We are excited to better support customers and DE&I leaders who are committed to inclusion in the workplace but previously may not have been equipped with the essential tools for success. Together we can help companies thrive by empowering all employees to prioritize well-being and bring their whole authentic selves to work.”

The expanded Limeade Well-Being offering now includes the science-backed inclusion survey and complete inclusion library. The inclusion survey measures employee perceptions of inclusion at their workplace. Sample survey items include “I feel comfortable voicing my opinions with my coworkers,” “I feel like I belong at this organization,” and “My organization values the unique perspectives that I bring to my work.” Inclusion activities enable companies to take action on improvement areas uncovered by the survey, with activities like “Ask what others think,” “Help employees feel valued,” “Do you feel empowered at work,” and “Get connected with an employee resource group.”

Additionally, customers will have access to a suite of 15 globally-relevant engagement activities at the leader, manager and individual level. Activities include “Recognize great work,” “Do you feel burned out?” and “What energizes you at work?”

“If there is one thing this pandemic has taught us about work, it’s that we can no longer ignore the humanity of our employees. We have a moral responsibility to support holistic well-being, and as an added benefit, it’s good for business too” said Lindsay Lagreid, Senior Advisor, Limeade Institute. “Well-being and all of its aspects –—physical, emotional, financial and work are at the heart of the employee experience. Within work well-being, feeling a sense of belonging; feeling empowered and psychologically safe to bring our whole self and unique lived experiences to work — feeling included, is pivotal to our overall well-being and how we show up at work.”

About Limeade
Limeade is an employee experience software company with a mission to transform work into a source of positivity, energy, humanity and purpose. Founded in 2006, Limeade has been a pioneer in the HR technology industry and is consistently recognized for its own award-winning culture. Today, users in approximately 100 countries utilize Limeade solutions. Limeade helps every employee know their company cares, while delivering people and business results that matter. Limeade partners with its customers to improve the overall employee experience through improved employee well-being, engagement and sense of inclusion, in addition to reducing the risk of unwanted turnover and burnout.