TAMPA BAY, Fla. — June 8, 2021 — KnowBe4, the provider of the world’s largest security awareness training and simulated phishing platform, today announced the launch of new training content called Compliance Plus.

To minimize risk and possible threats in certain sectors, government and regulatory bodies have enacted an avalanche of legislation and compliance controls. Compliance training has been a continuing challenge: out-of-date and generic, boring content, low employee engagement and the training modules are simply too long. Many organizations also struggle with the problem of not being able to easily customize content relevant for their specific needs. Consequently, very few have been able to move compliance training beyond a tick-box approach.

Compliance Plus training offers an interactive and engaging experience with real-life simulated scenarios to help teach employees how to respond in a challenging situation. The content addresses difficult topics like sexual harassment, diversity and inclusion, discrimination and business ethics. Compliance Plus includes various types of media formats and reinforcement materials to support compliance training programs.

“Compliance training for every organization’s employees should be a core component to their security and risk posture, but often it is not,” said Stu Sjouwerman, CEO, KnowBe4. “Compliance is not only about minimizing business risk, it is also important for creating a healthy and safe workplace environment, protecting an organization’s reputation and avoiding legal liabilities. KnowBe4 Compliance Plus, which was developed as a direct result of customer requests, helps to enhance our portfolio of training content, better serving our customer’s compliance training needs.”

KnowBe4 customers can add Compliance Plus to their current subscription. For more information, visit https://www.knowbe4.com/compliance-plus.

About KnowBe4
KnowBe4, the provider of the world’s largest security awareness training and simulated phishing platform, is used by more than 37,000 organizations around the globe. Founded by IT and data security specialist, Stu Sjouwerman, KnowBe4 helps organizations address the human element of security by raising awareness about ransomware, CEO fraud, and other social engineering tactics through a new-school approach to awareness training on security. Kevin Mitnick, an internationally recognized cybersecurity specialist and KnowBe4’s Chief Hacking Officer, helped design the KnowBe4 training based on his well-documented social engineering tactics. Tens of thousands of organizations rely on KnowBe4 to mobilize their end users as their last line of defense.