LEHI, Utah — Dec. 6, 2021 — Carrus, one of the nation’s most trusted online healthcare training and professional development providers, today announced the availability of augmented healthcare skills training through all of its programs. The unique approach pairs technical skills with additional workforce skills that ensure health systems can provide continuing education to staff to meet career development and soft skills training needs.

“Our hiring partners of all sizes tell us they weigh soft skills with just as much emphasis as technical skills, and a person’s ability to develop in these areas could be what helps them stand out in a competitive job market. Offering this career readiness training can help health systems improve staff retention rates,” said Shauna Vorkink, vice president of learner experience at Carrus. “At Carrus, we’re proud to work in tandem with our allied health division, CareerStep, to elevate the healthcare industry with partnerships that bridge the gap between trained professionals and the health systems that hire them.”

Carrus is an all-in-one online healthcare training platform designed to prepare workers with in-demand skills and keep organizations trained on the latest industry policies, procedures, and methods of care. The organization’s Allied Health training programs and upskill development courses are available to individual learners as well as through partnerships with colleges, universities, and trusted healthcare employers across the country to train and place qualified candidates in desirable careers.

“We find a lot of candidates lack the professionalism we expect of our hires, which makes filling specific roles incredibly difficult,” said Courtney Frantz, RN and Clinical Education Coordinator with Grace Health. “Teaching these skills is so time-consuming that we’re hesitant to take risks on less well-rounded applicants, and we find partnering with Carrus for career development courses to be a strategic advantage in filling our talent pipeline.”

The healthcare industry continues to be one of the fastest-growing segments in the country, and employers face an increasing demand for frontline workers. To help close this gap and build a highly employable workforce, Carrus offers important training programs that teach both technical and workforce readiness skills to increase the number of workers capable of delivering important healthcare services.

About Carrus

Carrus delivers quality, trusted healthcare learning content, continuing education, and certification management to new learners, healthcare professionals, and institutions through an integrated technology platform that provides the most seamless healthcare learning experience possible. In 25+ years, Carrus — through its CareerStep and CareerCert divisions — has trained over 150,000 learners for new careers, partnered with more than 150 colleges and universities nationwide, and educated more than 100,000 healthcare professionals.