Atlanta – June 6, 2018 – Sixteen months after their merger, gBehavior and RivalHealth (GBRH Holdings, LLC.) today announced the formation of GoPivot Solutions, LLC. GoPivot, as the company will be referred to in the market, is a disruptor in the performance improvement industry offering a points-based rewards platform that delivers corporate safety, wellness, and healthcare cost containment programs. The groundbreaking pay-for-performance model upon which GoPivot is based shatters the long-standing “per employee per month,” or PEPM model, which fully consumes budgets for programs that historically see an average participation rate of 15-20% across an organization’s population.

GoPivot’s mobile-first solution leverages the latest advances in data analytics and behavioral science, while offering a comprehensive online shopping mall to more effectively motivate employees. Companies can reduce OSHA incidents, improve overall health and wellness, or drive any other new initiative, such as increasing enrollments of an under-utilized 401K.

Don Doster, CEO of GoPivot, and founder of gBehavior explains “Traditional methods of engaging individuals in their personal health journey are broken. This industry needed to make a pivot, which is the genesis behind our new name and tagline. We are giving everyone a reason to change, and asking not only company leaders, but also employees to go and pivot from what they have always done – which we know doesn’t work. Recognizing this, we looked at ourselves and our competition, and we made a big pivot. We ditched the PEPM model in favor of billing upon engagement and completion of activities, which is unheard of in this industry.”

CFO and co-founder Tim Robinson further explains “If employees don’t pivot and make a change, then we don’t get paid. Everyone’s reason for change is different and we believe in meeting employees where they are. Let’s face it, we can’t all be marathon runners, but we can all improve and live a healthier, higher quality of life.”

In conjunction with the merger, Fulcrum Equity Partners invested to develop the state-of-the art GoPivot platform, presenting long-time legacy and new customers with enhanced features such as: mobile first application, participant playlist feature for nutrition and exercise, mobile rewards redemption of merchandise, e-gift cards, travel options, event tickets, activity tracker integrations, and social connections.  “We saw the exceptional opportunity to bring two unique businesses together to create a market leading platform. Driven by experienced management with a passion for the industry, GoPivot is determined to reverse the traditional paradigm of how organizations approach employee behavioral change,” said Philip Lewis, Principal with Fulcrum.

With HQ in Atlanta, GA and operating offices in Raleigh, NC, and New York, NY, GoPivot is growing its Sales, Marketing, and Program Management functions to expand delivery to larger organizations and across geographies. Learn more at: