Atlanta – March 6, 2019 – Workplace training company ELI, Inc., today announced the launch of its Virtual Instructor-Led Training (vILT) product to its platform of services. This new product offering allows organizations to bring the crucial workplace behavioral trainings ELI offers to their employees virtually, from anywhere in the world.

The ELI virtual training platform is configured to support a unique virtual learning experience on par with interactive, instructor-led classroom sessions to better meet the business and training needs of fast paced, dispersed, global organizations. This virtual experience leverages the best learning methods of live classroom training with web-based technology.

“We wanted to bring the tailored ELI training experience to life to individuals in even the most remote locations, while continuing to make the human connection a vital aspect of what we do,” said ELI founder and CEO Stephen Paskoff. “It’s more than just your average check-the-box webcast – this live, interactive experience is designed to foster connections with the instructor and all participants through video and audio, without compromising the learning experiences.”

Participants log-in to a secure, HD network. The virtual sessions allow for real time Q&A, live face-to-face discussion, chat, polling and breakout sessions. The vILT platform is an easy-to-use, cost effective and time efficient training solution for employees ranging from traveling executives to on-site, front-line employees.

Paskoff continued, “Clients have successfully used vILT in an eclectic range of locations, from a truck in the middle of the forest in Montana, to a coffee shop in Tokyo,” said Paskoff. “Even from across the globe, it feels like we’re all in the same room.”

To learn more, view the following video demonstration here and at ELI vILT. Visit for additional information.

About ELI, Inc.

ELI is a workplace training company that helps organizations change and prevent bad behavior in the workplace. The company, which has over 10,000 ELI certified instructors and has trained over two million leaders and team members, focuses on addressing workplace civility and the positive business impact a civil culture has on organizations. ELI’s award-winning training experiences are based on real-life scenarios and backed by the team’s legal expertise. ELI and its founder and CEO, Stephen Paskoff, were recognized as an example of effective training that reduces the incidents of harassment in the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s (EEOC) published report, “Study of Harassment in the Workplace.”