VIRGINIA BEACH, VA, April 25, 2014 — DuPont Sustainable Solutions launched two new safety programs that highlight the vital link between a clean, organized environment and a safe, productive workplace.

“Housekeeping Safety: A Team Approach” discusses the five S’s of housekeeping (sort, systemize, sweep/scrub, standardize, sustain), and helps employees understand the business value of a neat, organized workplace.

Stressing that all employees have a personal stake, this new program explains why housekeeping should be a part of an organization’s overall safety culture. It presents housekeeping as a round-the-clock team effort to help employees manage safety issues, maximize work space, and enhance overall efficiency and productivity.

“Warehouse Safety: Safe Material Handling” alerts viewers to common warehouse hazards, including forklift accidents, hazardous material leaks, and slips, trips and falls. The program identifies the kinds of personal protective equipment (PPE) used in various warehouse operations. Warehouse Safety introduces the Hazard Communication Label and Safety Data Sheets (SDS), and explains how to store and handle various chemicals, including flammable liquids and toxic substances.

These courses are available on DVD, streaming video and are coming soon as interactive, customizable online courses.

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