Virginia Beach, VA, March 5, 2014 — DuPont Sustainable Solutions has released a new hazardous materials training program, Sulfuric Acid: Safe Handling, to help employees work safely with and around sulfuric acid.

The program discusses the physical properties of sulfuric acid as an oxidizer and corrosive, including appearance, grades, behaviors and reactive properties. The program identifies the personal protective equipment (PPE) employees must wear while working with sulfuric acid and lists PPE inspection and maintenance guidelines.

Employees receive guidance on what to do before working with sulfuric acid and what first aid steps to take in the event of exposure. Sulfuric Acid: Safe Handling also cites safety precautions for working with storage tanks, pumps, and piping; describes how to manage spills and leaks; and explains how to unload sulfuric acid from tank trucks and rail cars.

Sulfuric acid is a common component of many everyday products, but it also is a hazardous substance. Many employees encounter sulfuric acid on a daily basis and this program will help them understand how to work safely around it. This course is available as a DVD, streaming video and coming soon as an interactive, customizable online training course.

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