Virginia Beach, VA, Jan. 8, 2014 – DuPont Sustainable Solutions has released a new leadership development offering titled, “Supervisor on the Scene”, to help supervisors develop six critical soft skills: communication, conflict resolution, coaching, decision making, meeting effectiveness and job training.

Available as a day-and-a-half instructor -led training course and as a six-part DVD and streaming video series, this offering showcases typical workplace scenarios to demonstrate how leaders can apply these skills effectively and with heart. Each video program features two supervisors who encounter various issues at work and take the necessary steps to address them.

“Research attests that soft skills are as vital as talent and technical know-how in driving productivity,” said Lori Stanley, global marketing leader, Learning & Development, DuPont Sustainable Solutions. “Despite the importance of soft skills to the bottom line, not all supervisors are trained adequately on the topic, much to the detriment of morale, teamwork and performance. The series helps reverse this trend, providing hands-on, how-to training.”

  • Supervisor on the Scene: Communication cites four simple steps to help improve communication, from choosing the appropriate means of communication to actual delivery of the message.
  • Supervisor on the Scene: Conflict Resolution outlines the key steps to manage conflicts through compromise or collaboration.
  • Supervisor on the Scene: Coaching for Performance shows supervisors how constructive feedback can help create a positive and productive working environment.
  • Supervisor on the Scene: Decision Making illustrates four principles that can help supervisors make sound, solid decisions on a daily basis.
  • Supervisor on the Scene: Meeting Effectiveness shows supervisors how to make meetings timely, relevant, and productive.
  • Supervisor on the Scene: Training Job Skills explores four basic standards that help ensure effective knowledge transfer, from preparation to follow through.

Supervisor on the Scene provides supervisors with skills that can guide them in steering your company through a competitive business landscape,” said Nancy Kondas, global product development leader, Learning & Development, DuPont Sustainable Solutions. “We designed the series to help businesses maximize resources, improve employee efficiency, and drive the bottom line.”

About DuPont

DuPont Sustainable Solutions is a learning provider that empowers organizations to transform business results through the development of a safe, efficient, and capable workforce. Our experts will collaborate with you to understand your unique development needs and define key learning objectives. Then we’ll put our world-class production capabilities to work to create a tailored training solution designed to develop employee skills and align with your business goals. Let DuPont help you accelerate employee skills development and transform business performance through our real-world experience.