MELVILLE, N.Y. — April 15, 2020 — Dale Carnegie, the worldwide leader in professional development, performance improvement, and leadership training company, is showing gratitude for others during COVID-19 through a #GlobalSendAppreciationDay on April 16.

Embodying one of Mr. Carnegie’s key Principles, “Give Honest Sincere Appreciation,” the Dale Carnegie global network is inviting individuals in their communities to join in and express what they appreciate in others on April 16 using the hashtag #GlobalSendAppreciationDay.

“Dale Carnegie believed people are important. The truth of that belief has never been clearer than right now, as we all are choosing to isolate ourselves so others can be well,” said Joe Hart, CEO of Dale Carnegie. “On Thursday, April 16, I invite everyone to join Dale Carnegie in expressing who you’re thankful for by posting on social media with #GlobalSendAppreciationDay. One of the goals of this initiative is for it to create a ripple effect, so we can all give honest, meaningful appreciation that gives hope during this incredibly challenging time for all of us.”

As part of its effort to support individuals and communities during this time of crisis, Dale Carnegie offices around the world will be participating in #GlobalSendAppreciationDay by posting on social media using the Dale Carnegie method for showing appreciation. The method is simple:

1. Name a strength or trait you appreciate in someone else:
⦁ Ex: I appreciate that my sister, who is a nurse, is brave.
2. Give evidence or an example of that trait:
⦁ Ex: She is risking her own health being on the front lines to keep the rest of us safe.

Some additional examples of this method are:

  • You have a positive attitude – You always have a smile on your face.
  • You are dedicated to your job – you are working hard every day.
  • You are a caring person – your empathy for others comes through in how you treat people.
  • You are courageous – you are working in dangerous conditions to be there for people who need you.
  • You are flexible – you have been able to work from home while helping your children with their home schooling.

Most importantly, if you receive a compliment on #GlobalSendAppreciationDay, be sure to pass it on to someone else to keep the momentum going.

“At Dale Carnegie, we advocate for people to show appreciation through evidence, to make appreciation more honest and meaningful. We focus on people and we are experts at giving compliments,” added Hart. “In the midst of uncertainty and stress, let’s remind each other what’s important, by sharing our appreciation on #GlobalSendAppreciationDay.”

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