MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — May 25, 2021 The surge in mental health issues is said to be the second pandemic, driving organizations to increasingly invest in the emotional health of their populations. In response, Concern Health, a recognized leader in workplace emotional wellbeing solutions, announced a new partnership with eMindful, the leading provider of evidence-based mindfulness programs, that will fully integrate eMindful’s services throughout Concern’s offerings for all of its customers. Practicing mindfulness is a safe, convenient, and practical way to improve emotional and physical wellbeing.

“The significant benefits associated with practicing mindfulness prompted our decision to include these solutions as a new, integrated offering for our customers,” said Cecile Currier, CEO, Concern. “We believe personalized, self-care tools such as these help employees manage workplace stress and burnout.”

With the addition of eMindful’s solution eM Life, Concern clients have even greater access to resources shown to improve overall wellbeing. Live, expert-led mindfulness sessions, and hundreds of hours of on-demand content empower employees with strategies and skills that help them sustain positive changes in health, attitude, and behavior.

“Partnering with Concern allows us to bring organizations this robust offering of emotional wellbeing resources to address the historic rise in mental health issues,” said Mary Pigatti, CEO, eMindful. “Our solution complements EAP services offering a breadth of programming and resources that counselors can leverage with their clients, based on their evolving needs throughout the experience.”

About Concern
Concern is a leading provider of emotional wellbeing support to organizations across the globe.  Concern has a tailored, consultative approach that is the right blend of human connection and technology, and helps at all organizational levels. It offers clients a choice of human-first or digital access to an elite network of providers, practical work-life support and personalized self-help options. Concern engages more employees earlier with preventive solutions and normalizes the need for mental health support.

About eMindful
eMindful provides evidence-based, mindfulness programs for everyday life and chronic conditions by helping individuals make every moment matter.