COLUMBUS, Ohio — May 11, 2020 — Change 4 Growth has formulated targeted programs to help businesses power out of the Covid-19 aftermath with solutions to refresh, reengage and reignite their workforce to create a dynamic corporate contiNEWity. For more information on the plan, click here.

Employees remain a company’s greatest asset and greatest opportunity for recovery. Companies that emerge from the “COVID- Coma” with momentum are the ones who can most quickly re-engage their employees, get them focused on strategic initiatives, create alignment and generate results.

“The programs we’ve developed are the culmination of our leveraged learnings through helping companies navigate challenging changes. And what has thrust more change upon us than Covid-19? The companies that engage their employees most effectively will win,” notes Beth Thomas, CEO of Change 4 Growth.

Some of the 14 targeted programs Change 4 Growth is unveiling include:

  • “Welcome Forward Kit” to quickly refresh and reengage employees as they transition back into the organization
  • “Safety and Health Compliance” drive implementation of new sanitary polices critical reassure to employees
  • “Project Reignition” to jumpstart your paused projects and the people driving them
  • “New Normal Strategy” a facilitated session to create realignment for moving forward
  • “Manager in a Box” engagement strategies to empower front line managers
  • “Establishing New Norms” effective tools to enhance remote workforces
  • “Consultant and Executive Coach Hotline” immediate access to executive coaching & consulting

“The nature of our work is to help shepherd our clients through many types of changes, bringing them out on the other side with employee engagement intact and a strong return on their investment,” says Thomas. “We’re thrilled to be a help to businesses at such a critical time!”

Change 4 Growth is a well-respected consultancy working with a wide range of organizations in the US and internationally. Change 4 Growth’s expertise resides in 5 key areas – Organizational Change Management and Business Readiness, Leadership Development, Learning/ E-learning Development and Delivery, Employee Engagement and Project Delivery. Beth Thomas, CEO of Change 4 Growth, is a best-selling author, thought leader in Transformational Change, nationally known speaker and a well-respected leader of people. For more information, please contact