The new relationship between Carrus and Avenica will help develop pioneering technologies from both partners that will be used to create a new, all-around advanced solution for both shortening the time to hire and improving the employment readiness of entry-level healthcare workers.

“We are excited to partner with another leading career advancement company,” said Misty Frost, CEO of Carrus. “This partnership will allow us to continue to close the placement gap and increase soft skills training. With the current shortage of qualified professionals, this joint venture is the important first step to bridging that gap.”

The partnership will help Carrus learners find stable, fulfilling careers once they complete their programs.

“At Avenica, we are passionate about building the bridge from education to work and are thrilled to partner with Carrus to carry on in this mission,” said Avenica CEO Scott Dettman. “Our partnership will create more opportunities to provide high-impact learning experiences and close the skills gap to put more people to work.”

Carrus and Avenica are committed to helping people advance their careers as they strive to make the healthcare learning experience more accessible, efficient, and useful.

About Carrus

Carrus delivers quality, trusted healthcare learning content, continuing education, and certification management to new learners, healthcare professionals, and institutions through an integrated technology platform that provides the most seamless healthcare learning experience possible. In 25+ years, Carrus has trained over 140,000 learners for new careers, partnered with more than 150 colleges and universities nationwide, and educated over 100,000 healthcare professionals.

About Avenica

Avenica is an education-to-work platform with more than 20 years of successful experience identifying and unleashing potential to shape the future of work. Through high-impact training and a time-tested, proven process, Avenica has helped thousands of people kickstart meaningful careers by connecting the right people to the right opportunities at the right companies.