RICHFIELD, Ohio — April 7, 2020 Today, three major leaders in safety preparedness and training, ALICE Training Institute, NaviGate Prepared, and SafePlans joined forces to create Navigate360, a revolutionary new company that brings together technology, education, and service solutions to help organizations address existing and emerging safety issues.

Focused on the full spectrum of safety from prevention to recovery, Navigate360 is championing a modern and comprehensive approach that helps schools, healthcare organizations, workplaces, and other communities confidently act in any situation.

Navigate360 will primarily focus on four distinct safety areas:

  • Prevention: Comprehensive software and services designed to identify and mitigate risk factors from understanding signs of bullying or depression to physical building security. When possible, prevention is the best solution.
  • Preparation: Innovative technology solutions to help organizations implement and manage safety plans effectively and efficiently. 
  • Response: Training and tools that allow individuals and organizations to act confidently in an emergency situation. The core of this offering is ALICE Training® Active Shooter Response Training, a proven, options-based methodology for saving lives in critical situations. 
  • Recovery: Offerings to provide communities with reunification and training support to help organizations and individuals begin healing after a traumatic incident.

“Navigate360 is taking a truly holistic approach in helping organizations tap into the processes, technology, and expert counsel they need to stay safe and reach their full potential,” stated Jean-Paul (JP) Guilbault, Chief Executive Officer of Navigate360. “We are proud to build the first ever modern and comprehensive safety solution set. From our industry-leading ALICE Active Shooter Response Training methodology to our best-in-class safety management software platform and our expert on-location assessment services, we are proud to help keep communities across the nation safe and prepared.”

While many Navigate360 solutions are available today, more products and service offerings are under development and will be rolled out in the months to come. The first new course, unveiled today, is “Understanding Bullying,” an online course for school faculty and staff. Through a series of eight short online modules, participants are introduced to the four core types of bullying: physical, relational, verbal, and cyberbullying, taught warning signs, and given in-depth resources on bullying and how to create an anti-bullying policy for their schools.

“Navigate360 has the potential to have a profound impact on communities across the nation, especially in uncertain times like these as we navigate the potential impacts of COVID-19,” added Senator Andrew Brenner of Ohio. “These are the types of solutions we so desperately need; comprehensive solutions that look at all pieces of the safety puzzle and find thoughtful ways to bring them together.”

About Navigate360

Navigate360 boldly confronts the challenges communities face by creating safe environments where they can thrive and focus on their true mission. Through technology, education and services, Navigate360 offers solutions spanning the full spectrum of safety – from prevention and preparation through response and recovery. Navigate360 is defining a modern approach to safety using rapid innovation and unparalleled expertise to provide the solutions necessary to build safer tomorrows. To learn more about Navigate360, visit: