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Best Practices for Managing an Online Training Vendor RFP

3 min read
As you embark on the RFP process and the subsequent decision-making and implementation processes, there are some basic practices and tools that can help make these processes successful and less stressful. They might even turn out to be a career highlight!
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LMS Lessons Learned Worksheet

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When switching to a new LMS software, we almost always remember the few big reasons we have for switching. Inevitably, though, we forget some of the other, smaller reasons. We may forget the nuances of those big reasons, too.

The Value of Consistent Training

3 min read
Different training companies teach similar concepts, especially when it comes to information technology (IT). As these training companies grow, they seem to be causing inconsistency in the learning experience.
18 Oct 20181:00 pm
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What Differentiates the Situational Leader?

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