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The Rise of the LearnBot

6 min read
When one hears the word "robot," the reaction frequently is one of either concern or amusement - concern because of movies like “The Terminator” and “I, Robot,” where machines decide it’s time for their makers to go, and amusement because of movies like
As a trainer, it is common to hear complaints like these from sales reps: “I don’t have time for training.” “By the time I get back to my territory, the information is obsolete.” “I need the information just before a sales call.” “Training is boring.”


Thought Leaders This Issue

This is the time of year that our team at Training Industry reflects and takes inventory of the ideas that have impacted our industry over the past 12 months.
Thirty years ago a training course was the principal, and often only, method used to help build workforce capability. Although our solutions are now moving beyond this way of thinking and acting, it is understandable why the “course mindset” emerged as the
A learning professional must be able to separate fads from trends. The ability to distinguish between the two allows the professional to avoid jumping on a bandwagon versus becoming an organizational thought leader.
With the ever-increasing speed of business, organizations must leverage technology and social tools to keep pace. While technology allows us to do more in less time, there is a breakdown in human connection and collaboration occurring due to our reliance

Four Work Conversations New Managers Need to Master

2 min read
Fifteen years ago we opened up a Coaching Services division in our company. One of the models embraced and taught widely is known as LITE Skills. LITE stands for Listening, Inquiring, Testing for Truth, and Endorsing.
Science has been the driving force behind human progress for the past 400 years. The scientific method has produced dramatic advances in most human endeavors including medicine, communication, manufacturing and transportation.

Info Exchanges This Issue

An immense amount of money is being invested into training employees and for good reason. No matter what industry you are in, technology can only take you so far. Employees ultimately drive a company’s innovation, growth, customer engagement and profits.

Three Ways to Gain Leadership Support for Your Learning Efforts

4 min read
After many years of speaking at numerous learning conferences, participants still come up to us and ask, "How do I get business leaders to support my learning initiative?" From the popularity of this question, it appears that this is one of the biggest