Learning is a natural part of life. Humans are naturally curious and persistent, constantly experimenting and learning new skills, from birth through adulthood. However, once we reach adulthood and assume more regimented routines and responsibilities, that spark for learning can become stifled. With limited free time (and energy), it’s easy to view learning as something that needs to be factored into a to-do list as opposed to embedded into day-to-day activities and experiences.

As learning and development (L&D) professionals, we know that learning does not occur from an isolated, one-time training event. New skills require continuous practice, reinforcement and application to become engrained. Building a culture that embraces learning as a continuous experience requires harnessing the curiosity of employees — helping employees tap into their natural ability (and willingness) to learn. Curiosity can unleash new ideas and solutions for the business and maximize the potential of employees.

As we’ve seen throughout the pandemic, the organizations that have been the most successful are those that can innovate and adapt to change quickly. Innovation requires employees to feel safe trying new ideas, failing, learning from those mistakes and trying again. However, learning remains largely regimented at many companies — where training is treated as a check-the-box activity instead of an ongoing experience.

So, what does it take to build a creative workplace that fosters the full potential of its employees? The cover story in this issue of Training Industry Magazine examines the science behind building a creative and innovative workplace and provides actionable strategies that can help organizations thrive during times of uncertainty. This edition of the magazine also explores other important topics like creating the virtual watercooler experience, designing training programs for behavior change, the power of personal presence and multiplying experts across the organization.

I hope the articles in this edition will provide you and your team with some actionable insights to improve the development and delivery of your training programs — helping to maximize the potential of your employees and unleash new ideas and solutions for the future. Our editorial team is dedicated to delivering the content and resources that learning leaders need to create impactful learning experiences. If you have any topic suggestions, please reach out to our team and let us know what’s on your mind. We love hearing from you!