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If the ultimate goal of training and educational interventions is to increase what learners know so they can make more informed decisions and perform better, then it stands to reason that the ultimate value of any training intervention is dependent on
In the business world, women leaders are still a minority. This statement comes as no surprise to most of us; what is surprising is that men outpace women in leadership roles across every sector in the world:


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This edition of Training Industry Magazine challenges us to think broadly about how and when we need to focus on the long-term skills impact of training programs. When it comes to truly impacting the performance of an employee on the job, we have to think
One of the significant developments for the training and development profession over the past 15 years has been the emergence of new approaches that extend the focus on learning beyond formal events such as classrooms, workshops and e-learning modules.
Look around your workplace. It's not hard to locate an employee staring down at their mobile device. Today, everyone connects with friends, colleagues and even mentors outside of their immediate work space on a regular basis.

Applying the Buddy System

3 min read
Let's take a trip down memory lane for a moment; all the way back to elementary school. Remember the excitement of taking field trips, where you would pile into a school bus and travel to a museum, historic landmark or other educational hotspot?
In a recent study by Training Industry, we wanted to understand what the most common challenges were that training leaders faced in deploying training to employees. The ability to sustain the impact of training surfaced as one of the top challenges.

Why Do We Wait to Train Our New Managers?

3 min read
Companies rarely think about providing training to people making the transition into their first leadership position until the individual actually settles into their new role - or later.
All of us believe in knowledge. And when we teach a seminar or deliver an online module, we are confident that someday, somewhere, our students will find the new information valuable.

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Quicken Loans: Culture Driven

5 min read
The brightly colored office space is a flurry of activity and voices as a phone rings and a Quicken Loans' Client Care Specialist pushes the button on her headset, says, "Thanks for calling Quicken Loans."

Is Your Business Acumen Showing? Why Not?

4 min read
Learning and development (L&D) managers must be able to translate how learning efforts relate to business expectations. If you expect to build credibility within your organization, then it is time to start showing your business credentials.