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Mobile is ubiquitous. People use mobile devices, both tablets and smartphones, to access information, stay connected, play games or learn something new. But you don't often see people working or learning something job-related on their mobile devices.
In 1776, artistic consultant Pierre Eugene du Simitiere suggested the adoption of the U.S. motto "E Pluribus Unum" ("Out of Many, One"). The original meaning of the phrase was that out of many colonies rose a great nation.


Thought Leaders This Issue

Onboarding Successful Leaders

2 min read
What does it take to successfully onboard a leader? Onboarding a leader is different than onboarding staff who will not directly contribute to the strategic direction, mission, values and goals of the organization.

The Evolving Classroom

3 min read
I vividly remember the job interview for my first corporate training position. As my potential employer was talking about the responsibilities of the position, she took me to the training room of which she was extremely proud.

Design Learning So Everyone Gets an ‘A’

2 min read
When our company's vice president of applied learning, Vicki Halsey, asked a group of learning professionals to answer the question, What do you do?, she got answers such as, “We design classes” and “We deliver training.”

Info Exchanges This Issue

Globalization and technological advancements are transforming the traditional classroom environment. Organizations are doing away with the hour-long talking-head training sessions and the evolution of the classroom has become a hybrid of sorts.

Cross-Cultural Training

4 min read
Somewhere on a small island located in the Pacific Ocean, a group of 10 employees are settling down in the training room of their call center. The organization has recently been awarded a contract for an aviation firm based in the Middle East.