Perspectives on Sales Training

Special Edition 2016

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Susan is one of the best salespeople in her company. Late last year, she discovered her fourth quarter numbers were short and she needed to nail down one more sale in order to meet her quota and, more importantly, help the company achieve its financial
"Money," wrote Ralph Waldo Emerson, "is, in its effects and laws, as beautiful as roses." Sales leaders cant stop to smell the roses, though - they're too busy balancing priorities to make limited budgets cover a wide range of purposes and needs.

Trust Is Dead. Long Live Trust!

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We've all seen the array of "new" sales methodologies and approaches in recent years - from uncovering hidden needs and adapting to the way modern customers buy, to assuming the role of a business partner, consultant or even teacher.
Constant change and uncertainty have exhausted buyers. The global economy has made every major purchasing decision seem like life or death. Customers today are trying to keep up with changing marketplace dynamics by innovating and taking their company from
Every company wants to grow sales, and using sales training to achieve that goal is certainly plausible. Unfortunately, whether the programs are developed internally or purchased from a supplier, most sales training initiatives fail to


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One of my favorite segments of corporate learning is the sales training and coaching space. At Training Industry, we watch this section of the market carefully for trends, as the proximity to tangible outcomes and measurability of the impact