This issue of Training Industry Magazine focuses on the modern learning mindset. Our marketplace is telling us that the needs of the learner must be top of mind when developing new programs and strategies for skill development. This is driving the emergence of new learner-focused experience platforms that enable both a more applied set of learning opportunities as well as a holistic look at how the learner wants to consume performance improvement content, regardless of its nature, form or structure.

The way companies are defining L&D is moving more toward the idea of a path or a journey to improved, applicable skills, rather than an event or course to be consumed. This change is beginning to put pressure on training organizations to think well beyond their formal training or recent experiences. It’s pushing the concept of a systems approach to learning and perhaps changing the pathway forward for the function forever.

In this edition of the magazine, you will find articles that focus on the upside opportunity of rethinking how L&D teams support learning, why becoming a hyper-learning organization is the only sustainable advantage, and how to move beyond simple curation and focus on building a multidisciplinary team.

Our company’s annual trends report is also included in this issue, where we reflect on the ideas that have impacted our industry over the past 12 months, and we look ahead to the trends that will shape our business moving forward. With so much change occurring in the market today, we are seeing a growing need to adapt the training function to the complexity of the business environment. We need to prioritize the training needs of learning professionals, so they can successfully guide our organizations through change.

So, entering 2019, we need to start thinking about the following questions. Do we have the skills we need to make the next steps? Do we need to look to adjacent functions for this new set of skills? Who is going to lead the change on our teams? How can we help them prepare for success? I have always believed that the training function has been underserved in terms of its own development, could this be the year that starts to change?

As always, we would love to hear your thoughts about the perspectives shared in the magazine, and please feel free to send any suggestions for future editions of Training Industry Magazine.