As you may have noticed, this issue of our magazine has previously been our annual trends edition, but this year we wanted to broaden the conversation and focus on the business of learning – and tracking trends is one piece of that strategy.

As training professionals, we are in the business of learning. We work with company executives to identify the goals and objectives of the business and we uncover problems that undermine the performance of our organizations. We design, develop and deploy training programs to help solve those business problems and increase productivity. Helping employees learn and improve their performance is at the heart of the mission.

In this edition of Training Industry Magazine, you will find articles that address the framework necessary to structure training as a business, how we can move beyond levels of measurement and build tangible value through data and analytics, the business challenges associated with digital disruption, and how purposeful leaders can lead our organizations into a prosperous future.

Our company’s annual trends report is also included in this issue, where we reflect on the ideas that have impacted our industry over the past 12 months, and we look ahead to the trends that will shape our business moving forward. We have seen a dramatic increase in the speed that training departments need to operate with to meet the needs of their organizations. That speed necessitates a change in tools, strategies and approaches to drive organization performance and improve overall business performance.

With changes in the market come challenges due to the additional complexity in the programs we develop and manage. And as the expectations of the learner continue to evolve, additional pressure is placed on us to provide the development opportunities they need to progress as a valued contributor to the company. Treating the training department like a business is a good frame through which to evaluate your impact and set your priorities.

It is our goal at Training Industry to provide you with insights and tools to manage the business of learning.  This edition should provide you with some ideas that you can incorporate into the way your company manages their investment in training their employees. As always, we would love to hear your thoughts about the points of views shared in the magazine.