The success of our companies depends on how well we navigate the evolving business landscape. Our competitive advantage in the marketplace is no longer only dependent on having the best product or service (although that does help), it is becoming critical to engage and DEVELOP the most talented workforce we can, allowing our company leaders to set lofty stretch goals and be amazed by how the team achieved (or exceeded) those goals.

What’s most exciting about the time we are all in, is that learning is right at the center of the “storm,” the change. More and more corporate leaders understand that everything the training organization does to help our workforce be better at what they do is becoming highly valuable. Corporate leaders now understand that you can’t simply hire fully developed employees with every skill they need to succeed; you’re going to have to bet on your company’s ability to build stars to be competitive. It doesn’t matter what size your business is, what industry vertical you are in or how old the company is, this change is here and happening.

I would argue for the first time in a long while, not only are we at the eye of the change storm, we also have the weapons to successfully impact change across the business. Never has the learning and development function had access to so much high-quality content, instructors, and new and effective delivery options to get that content to those who need skill development when and where they need it. We are also amassing data to understand real-time successes and failures, and really bring the idea of agility to the business support we provide our internal clients.

Still not sure why this is exciting? The investments required to support our employees’ development are becoming more reasonable every year. Whatever we need to upskill our workforces is becoming more cost effective through technology advances and the inpouring of external funding to our market.

The most successful companies will be those that best understand the needs of their employees and support their development, and I think we should embrace this challenge. Our goal at Training Industry is to provide you with the insights and tools needed to more effectively manage the business of learning. As always, we would love to hear your thoughts about the points of views shared in the magazine.