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Mar/Apr 2017

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Are you going to approve this request? Joe, a new hire, is one of your most knowledgeable sales associates. Ask him any question about your products and services, and he can practically quote you the information verbatim.
"In this changing world of work, learning as a capability has to evolve and it has to be accessible, agile and flexible. Many interventions are now best delivered in the flow of work activity, not in a classroom. Digital technologies enable learning to be
If you’ve read beyond the title of this article, you probably already know something about the overwhelming case for sales coaching. Such evidence as displayed by a recent Aberdeen study, shows that total team attainment of sales quota is 11 perce


Thought Leaders This Issue

This edition of our magazine explores a couple of key concepts dogging many in our industry: the role of L&D in culture change and the role of the manager as a change coach.

5 Ways to Increase Your Mentee Equity

3 min read
As a mentee, gaining insight from someone with more experience is a surefire way to reach your professional goals quickly. But what do mentors get out of it?

Coaching a Culture of Emergence

2 min read
Beth Comstock, vice chair at GE, recently emphasized that we live in an emergent era. The emergent organization is one in which culture, social relationships and decision-making processes are constantly in evolution.

The Business Case for D&I

2 min read
Most of us intuitively know that having diversity at work is a good thing. But, do you really know why? There is now overwhelming evidence of a strong business case for diversity and inclusion.

Creating a Coaching Culture

2 min read
Assume for the sake of example that you have been put in charge of creating (and eventually sustaining) an organizational culture defined by “coaching excellence.”

Defining the Leader of Tomorrow

3 min read
The workplace is shifting from a top-down management model to a culture of leaders who can influence and impact change across the business.

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