Today’s workplace requires a more adaptable employee. The rate of change we are experiencing continues to increase and doesn’t show signs of slowing down. To remain competitive, organizations need a skilled workforce that easily adapts to changing circumstances and engineers creative solutions to today’s problems. The training function bears the responsibility for ensuring training programs are in place to develop employees who can successfully navigate the complexities of this modern workplace.

That responsibility comes with a significant challenge to our function: We must establish a network – both inside and external to our learning and development (L&D) team – so we can be aware of change. To truly support the new vision of the adaptable employee, our programs must be ready to accept emerging requirements. We have seen dynamic and responsive L&D teams develop their programs using a modular approach, so the programs can be adapted quickly and rolled out to instructors with speed and clarity. This is a big stretch from how L&D teams are managing and developing training today.

This issue of Training Industry Magazine brings focus to developing employees who can learn, adapt and apply knowledge as the business evolves. In this edition, you will find articles on fostering change resilience, using learner preferences to close skills gaps, and agile learning strategies to support the modern learner.

The L&D function needs to become part of the future of work discussion. Training professionals need a seat at the table. We need to better understand the principle of agile as a management strategy and how our own companies may employ agile concepts to support change inside the organization. New workflows may allow our learning materials to be built into our employees’ daily routines. The coupling of work and learning is the future of L&D. Embedding learning experiences into an employee’s workflow will make learning seamless and second nature.

As we start 2020, hopefully some of the ideas presented in this issue will spark a conversation within your team about how we can become more aware of change and how best to embrace it. As always, we would love to hear your thoughts about the perspectives shared in this edition. Please feel free to send any suggestions for future editions of Training Industry Magazine for us to consider.