Women’s Access to Leadership Development: A Tale of Two Experiences

As the keepers of strategic talent development in their companies, L&D can – and should – play a key role in eliminating this gap. In order to better understand this role, Training Industry, Inc. pooled the results of two separate research survey efforts focused on learner perceptions of the leadership development practices at their companies and their effectiveness.

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Managing Learning Technologies Certificate

The Managing Learning Technologies certificate course offers insight into the functions of learning and development (L&D) technologies and demonstrates how they can support learning in your organization. Through an in-depth exploration of the learning technology management life cycle, you’ll gain an understanding of how to select, purchase, implement, maintain and retire learning technologies to improve the business impact of your training organization.

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The Business of Learning Episode Two, The Gender Gap in Leadership Training: How Learning and Development Can Help Break the Glass Ceiling

Joanna Barsh, director emerita and senior advisor for McKinsey & Company, co-chair of the International Council on Women’s Business Leadership’s Leadership Working Group and president of the Centered Leadership Project, shares her model of leadership development, tips for L&D to support gender-balanced leadership, myths about women’s leadership development, and her own female leader heroes.

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The Business of Learning Episode 12: Developing a Learning Ecosystem for the Technical Workforce

Vidya Krishnan, global chief learning officer at Ericsson, shares her thoughts on training technical employees, the “soft skills versus technical skills” debate, and the need for continuous learning.

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Article Series: Developing Women Leaders in Technology

This series explores methods for organizations in tech fields to bridge the gender gap in leadership.

Article 1: The Problem

Article 2: Learning and Development

Article 3: Building an Inclusive Culture

Article 4: Women’s Conferences and Networking

Coaching as an Equalizer: Closing the Gender Gap in Leadership

Coaching, when implemented well, can act as an equalizer between men and women.

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The Catalyst for Balanced Leadership: Best Practices for Women’s Leadership Development

While there are many interrelated factors contributing to the well-known gender leadership gap, it’s clear from research that equalizing leadership training is an important step.

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No Boys Allowed? Engaging Men in Women’s Leadership Development Initiatives

In 2018, while the leadership gender gap tells us that, in some ways, it’s still a man’s world, it’s also still true that both men and women are needed for success.

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Three Ways Women Leaders Can Rid Their World of Imposter Syndrome

Also known as the inner critic, imposter syndrome is that nasty voice that tells us we are a fraud. For women in leadership roles, that nasty voice is often akin to a yell, especially when it comes down to how a leader “should” look and behave.

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A New “Mommy Track”: How Returnships Can Help Close the Gender Gap

The so-called “mommy track” or “motherhood penalty” can exacerbate the challenges women already face in developing their careers and obtaining leadership positions.

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Cracking the Code For Inclusion: How the Power of One Can Make it Happen

The Power of One encapsulates a new ROI for inclusion and belongingness, which can best be described as collective intelligence.

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5 Leadership Skills Women Can Use to Improve Their Company’s Bottom Line

When women embrace their leadership traits, it creates a better environment for all.

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