Design Thinking Workshop Program Overview: One half day session, badge awarded, held virtual, sessions for every time zone, course is held in english language

Design thinking is a key tool that your training organization can apply to address the changing business needs of your current and future workforce. By adopting this agile, solution-based methodology, you’ll first work to understand the learning and development (L&D) problem(s) at hand, and then identify and test innovative training solutions. Because design thinking is a form of human-centered design, this methodology offers you a framework for addressing training needs while also considering the learner’s experience.


In this workshop, you will learn how to:

  • Define design thinking in the context of aligning learning solutions to business problems to affect organization-wide transformation.
  • Empathize with your learners to get to the root of their needs and inform your solutions.
  • Leverage and encourage creativity to quickly brainstorm multiple training and development solutions.
  • Rapidly prototype your solutions to support efficient and iterative testing.
  • Maintain stakeholder buy-in throughout your processes.

During the class, you’ll complete the following lessons, which also include practical application activities:

  • Lesson 1 – What is Design Thinking?
  • Lesson 2 – Overview of the Process of Design Thinking as it Applies to Training and Development
  • Lesson 3 – Practice Design Thinking: Empathize with You Learners and Stakeholders
  • Lesson 4 – Practice Design Thinking: Define Learner Needs and Business Problems
  • Lesson 5 – Practice Design Thinking: Ideate on Potential L&D Solutions
  • Lesson 6 – Practice Design Thinking: Prototype Training and Development Initiatives
  • Lesson 7 – Practice Design Thinking: Test L&D Solutions
  • Lesson 8 – Practice Design Thinking: Reiterate through the L&D Design Thinking Process

View the course agenda for more detail about what you will learn in this course, or contact us to speak to someone directly.


Download the 5 Stages of Design Thinking job aid to preview course content:

Link to the five stages of design thinking job aid