Learning leaders are also business leaders in need of strong financial and budgeting skills. After all, training managers are tasked with managing the training organization’s financial resources and ensuring they are allocated wisely to minimize costs and maximize value.

This highly interactive half-day master class will equip you with the tools, concepts and language you need to demonstrate your ability to effectively manage your budget and make sound financial decisions. Building this fundamental understanding of accounting and budgeting best practices will teach you how to estimate and track financial resources, gain approval for project funding, and create alignment between training investments and business goals.

Performance Objectives:

  • Speak the language of business.
    • Understand the three most common financial statements.
    • Develop sound conclusions from analyzing basic financial statements.
    • Understand the difference between cash and accrual accounting, and learn how to identify which one your organization uses.
  • Manage costs and budgets effectively.
    • Classify and manage internal versus external costs, and fixed versus variable costs.
    • Understand the calculation of program costs, including employee time, travel, overhead, instructor and other expenses.
  • Gain approval for funding projects and additional resources.

Target Audience: Current and aspiring training managers.


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