The Certified Professional in Training Management (CPTM™) program aligns your team around the research-based best practices that will transform how your organization manages corporate training. Get the maximum value by certifying your entire learning and development (L&D) team.

CPTM Group Brochure

Here are just a few of the benefits of certifying your team: 
  • Achieve strategic alignment between training initiatives and business goals to drive business results 
  • Equip your team with the competencies and tools they need in a high-performing training organization
  • Engage in specific discussions on how to apply the CPTM tools and principles in your organization
  • Accommodate individual team members’ schedules and modality preferences 
  • Receive discounted pricing for groups of two or more
firsthand account

“Going through the CPTM practicum as a group from the same government agency was instrumental to my success in molding the CPTM fundamentals into an actionable plan in my organization. As the instructor taught, individuals within the group would relate the method covered to a process that would run better in our agency and it really turned the light on in the minds of some of our attendees. We were able, as a group, to real-time translate CPTM corporate America terms into government terms and ready ourselves to revolutionize our respective organizations.”

– Eric J. North, CPTM, District Training Officer, Army Corps of Engineers

Choose between a private virtual practicum or private in-person practicum, or send a group to any of our public practicums. Learn more about the benefits of certifying your team by downloading our CPTM group brochure below, or contact us to discuss options. 


Organizations that employ training managers with certifications are 4x more likely to be rated above average.

Contact us or schedule a call with our director of professional development below to start exploring options for certifying your team or group.