Certificate courses are offered virtually once per month and last one half-day. Courses have a functionally specific focus area for L&D professionals.
Explore the evolution of the highest performing training departments. 

Acquire the tools and insights to transform yours.

As a training leader, it is vital to adapt your organization’s learning strategy to the evolving needs of today’s business environment. The Transforming the Training Function Certificate provides a structured approach to successfully manage a training organization transformation initiative and the strategic planning required to continue performing at the highest level of effectiveness.

Through this certificate program, you will acquire key skills defined by the Training Manager Competency Model™, which you can use to improve your training department’s impact. It provides you with a useful framework to lead your team through any significant business transformation.


Module 1: Understanding Transformation
Module 2: Learning Theory
Module 3: What are We Transforming To?
Module 4: The Transformation Process
Module 5: Case Study and Debrief


After earning this certificate, you will be able to:

  • Baseline your organizational capabilities in the context of established standards and market benchmarks
  • Optimize your organization’s impact and focus
  • Develop a vetted plan for change
  • Implement changes, taking key considerations for ensuring successful change management into account
  • Establish practices that allow you to reassess progress and, when necessary, begin the cycle again


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