Training Industry Courses understands the challenges of managing remote learning programs and knows what it takes to deliver effective training in a virtual environment. The Managing Remote Learning Workshop shares this expertise so that you can better develop and deliver impactful remote learning programs.


The research-based workshop unpacks several areas of Training Industry’s Training Manager Competency Model™, including strategic alignment, assessing training outcomes, selecting and managing resources, and managing technology, to help you develop, deliver and measure successful remote learning programs.

After completing this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Make the case for remote learning in your organization.
  • Effectively source and utilize technology to support your remote learning programs.
  • Incorporate engagement strategies into all aspects of your remote learning experiences.
  • Seamlessly convert in-person learning experiences to a remote context.
  • Leverage your remote learning technologies to enhance your data and measurement strategy.


During the course, you’ll complete the following lessons, which also include practical application activities:

Introduction – Setting the Stage: Remote Learning Basics
Lesson 1 – Utilizing Technology
Lesson 2 – Creating Engaging Experiences 
Lesson 3 – Measurement and Maintenance
Lesson 4 – Case Study Activity

View the course agenda for more details.