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People have been talking about the gig economy – one in which organizations and independent workers engage in short-term work arrangements. For some, the gig economy represents freedom from an economic model that doesn’t come with flexibility.
There are now more than 700,000 unique postsecondary credentials offered beyond the confines of traditional universities. With good reason: As the shelf life of skills continues to shrink, education consumers are looking for alternatives to college.

How to Thrive in a Multi-generational Workplace

3 min read
When it comes to millennials, I hear it all. I hear from Gen X and baby boomers that millennials are entitled, selfish, naïve and too busy looking at their social media. I hear from millennials that their older colleagues judgmental, rigid and unfair.

Skills Are the New Global Currency

3 min read
Technology is transforming the workplace. Skills – technological and “human” skills – are quickly becoming the new professional currency, a benchmark by which managers and human resource leaders are evaluating candidates.