Research shows that 55 percent of millennials are not engaged, and another 16 percent are “actively disengaged.” That’s over half of the millennial workforce who are essentially checked out of their current job. Research also shows that although millennial employees are tech-savvy and great at leveraging opportunities, they are also the weakest demographic when it comes to being productive team players.

To combat these startling statistics, Power Digital Marketing recently rolled out a unique company initiative that invests in the growth and development of our majority-millennial staff. This program is called the Power Digital MBA Program, and the primary goal is to optimize employee engagement and success.

In this case, the acronym “MBA” emphasizes the qualities this program aims to foster in employees: motivated, bold and ambitious. Research shows that millennials rank high in enthusiasm and outgoingness, which are key strengths that an employee learning program can use to build stronger employee engagement. These qualities are exactly what our employees strive to achieve in all areas of our business in order to create a driven and collaborative team of marketers who offer clients top-notch results.

Creating employee learning programs is not only about offering technical knowledge but also about working to amp up employee drive and inspiration in a way that strengthens the company as a whole. Companies that do so successfully strive to have a team made up of individuals who are passionate and excited about what they do.

There can be great value in encouraging employee personal growth as well as professional growth. The MBA program is an example of how to give employees an opportunity to build their confidence and their bandwidth of capabilities within the everyday workplace. The 14-week course offers a comprehensive curriculum led by executives and an array of guest speakers from the booming San Diego business community. Course topics include:

  • Product development/innovation
  • Management, leadership and recruitment
  • Sales and business development
  • Business law
  • Investing and saving

By taking the time to go over these important skillsets, we are able to cover all the bases that are important not just from the marketing perspective but also from the client perspective. It is important for employees to be well-versed in all areas of business, because understanding what makes clients tick is just as critical as having technical marketing skills.

Guest speakers in the course include CEOs, directors of learning and development, and high-level executives from a variety of companies. Each of these experts is able to share different leadership qualities. By pulling in leaders with diverse skillsets and from diverse backgrounds, we provide employees with a unique opportunity to learn and gain new experiences.

Throughout this course, Power Digital encourages employees to speak up and stay involved. Employees are required to attend at least 13 out of the 15 sessions and are also expected to pass a quiz at the end of each module. This experience is truly about what the employees can get out of it and encouraging them to make the most of it.

Encouraging employee participation is a key way to combat disengagement. In recent years, employee-centric company cultures have started to prove themselves to be the most successful organizational structure for many companies, because they drive engagement significantly. In the era of the millennial workforce, changing your structure to encourage employee engagement can give your organization a new competitive edge.