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Best Practices for Pain-Free Product Training

3 min read
How can we make training more impactful to make sure that they actually retain something from the training and walk away with knowledge they can use?

Sales Training: What’s the Point?

3 min read
Every year, companies spend millions of dollars training their sales teams. In most cases, sales training doesn’t have the desired effect of increasing sales or increasing the team’s skills.
Data gives you a starting point, a focus for where the engagement is going. At a minimum, use a learning agility inventory to give the coach and coachee an understanding of what the coachee tends to do in situations in which he or she has never been.

Simplify Sales Training With Videos

3 min read
Salespeople travel frequently and are often stuck in transport to meetings, waiting in line for coffee or delayed at an airport. If they have an easy-to-access video, they can pop in headphones anywhere and review their knowledge.

How Do You Train Your Employees on Trust?

3 min read
Whether you’re a B2B or B2C business, a manufacturer or a retailer, or something in between, you are engaged in commerce, and the foundation of commerce is trust.

Gaining Learner Buy-In, Part Two

3 min read
Your first step of actual training isn’t an exhibition of the “right way” or a discussion of best practices. The first step of training is all wrong – on purpose.