For some learning and development professionals, the idea of earning a certification in training management may seem, on the one hand, like a challenging endeavor and, on the other hand, unnecessary, considering that they are already working and established in the L&D industry. An unfortunate reality, however, is that L&D professionals can all too easily become siloed within their own companies or even in a specific industry. We only need to look at the research that describes how a silo structure can and, too often, does have negative consequences in the workplace, especially among competing divisions. Moreover, the idea of leaving one’s comfortable, familiar working silo in order to network, share best practices, and engage in learning new training strategies and technologies is not always an easy proposition. Besides, there is so much work to do within one’s own organization that earning a certification is not always enticing.

However, consider this: There will always be work that needs our attention, but earning a certification can help us look outside our own organizations and comfort zones to gain valuable insights into other industries, share best practices, learn about emerging technologies, and – even more importantly – connect with colleagues across the L&D community.

Here are three benefits that may help someone who is considering earning the Certified Professional in Training Management™.

One tremendous benefit to consider is that participating in the CPTM community helps members become aware of emerging trends, especially through the CPTM roundtables. These virtual discussions, led by CPTM alumni and other L&D experts, are engaging opportunities to discuss current trends or how to tackle L&D challenges. To help CPTMs keep up to date on current  trends, Training Industry also offers a bimonthly magazine, informative online articles and blogs, and especially beneficial webinars that present an hour of information on a variety of L&D topics. In addition, the editors of the Training Industry Magazine and website encourage CPTM alumni to contribute to the magazine and website. It is a no-pressure way to engage and share best practices within the L&D industry.

Another benefit to becoming a CPTM is the instant networking opportunities. You can increase your LinkedIn connections and see current career opportunities by joining the CPTM group. One of the best networking opportunities is the annual Training Industry Conference and Expo (TICE), which is a great opportunity to share best practices and engage in face-to-face conversations and workshops with colleagues – a big help in avoiding becoming a silo. Networking is crucial, especially when you have to make a career transition. When I had to transition from the post-secondary proprietary education industry to the transportation industry, my CPTM colleagues were there to lend their expertise – or at least refer me to others who would be able to assist me.

Lastly, and personally, the CPTM may provide some much-needed affirmation on the skill sets you already possess. Yes, you will learn new concepts in the CPTM course, but I found the practicum portion of the program to be an invaluable experiential learning experience. The CPTM certification provides an objective validation of your training management knowledge and skill sets. It may also provide some much needed self-confidence. And that’s hard to put a price on.

Interested in learning more about the CPTM program? Download the program brochure below: