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Singletasking: Do More, One Task at a Time

3 min read
As a training manager in 2020, you are probably beyond swamped! There’s so much to do and so little time to do it in. As demands pile up, it is tempting to divide your attention between tasks, but this disastrous response to a full plate is not the...
The forces driving globalization have blurred borders and changed the context of our lives, both at and outside of the workplace. We used to live in a comfort zone of local and national perspectives; we now live eyeball-to-eyeball with everyone on Earth.

4 Ways to Quiet the Critic in Your Mind

3 min read
The superego generates criticisms, prohibitions and inhibitions, which represent violated social standards. This little guy insinuates that you’re not as good as the others, that you really can’t and shouldn’t do what you intend to do.
What does your “best” look like? Is there something holding you back from reaching your potential? Successful entrepreneurs, leaders and professionals all have one thing in common: They take care of their health and strive for a high-performance...

10 Tips for Networking at a Holiday Party

5 min read
Whether it’s your company party, association festivities, or celebration with family and friends, a holiday party is an opportunity to have fun but also to network. Networking at holiday shindigs can be different from traditional business gatherings.