“Appreciation” is a simple term with volumes of depth to it. Research has shown that words of appreciation in the workplace are directly connected to job satisfaction and happiness. More than 70 percent of workers say that they are more motivated when their leaders express appreciation for the efforts they put in.

Here are two examples of appreciation at work.

Example 1

Tom and Katie were a part of a team that led a program on customer centricity for over 5,000 employees. To  acknowledge their work, their manager, Karl, did two things:

  • Whenever possible, he took the opportunity to thank them in meetings with team.
  • Karl was a smart manager who knew their potential. When the project was over, he met with each of them to develop a career roadmap that would help them and their department grow.

Example 2

The leader of a small but successful smart glass manufacturing start-up had a unique way of showing his appreciation. Once every month, the team would celebrate success having fun in a relaxed environment. This experience gave a chance to the team to de-stress and express appreciation for both big and small achievements.

Appreciation is simple. It only requires being genuine. Here are some simple techniques to use to make appreciation part of your organizational culture:

  • Make employees part of your decision-making process. Include them in leadership meetings when possible, and they will feel motivated and important to the company.
  • Develop a system of recognizing talent weekly or monthly through an “Employee of the Week” or “Pride of the Department” program.
  • Make a note of significant dates in your employees’ lives to let them know you care, such as birthdays or work anniversaries.
  • When a team member does a good job, acknowledge it by sending an e-card.
  • Provide a paid day to an employee who has put in extra work to achieve a goal.

Acknowledge and appreciate. It’s the only way an organization can survive.

“Don’t forget, a person’s greatest emotional need is to feel appreciated” (H. Jackson Brown, Jr.).