One reality of today’s workplace is that the remote work environment is quickly becoming commonplace.  A recently published whitepaper by Citrix predicts that by 2020, 30 percent of the entire workforce will be made up of remote workers. This new paradigm will require leaders to “think different” about how they interact with their employees.

Leadership IQ CEO Mark Murphy believes that the three key issues that leaders will need to think different about are: connection, alignment and accountability.

Murphy defines connection as the bond or relationship that managers must make with their employees, alignment as ensuring that everyone is reading from the same page and, accountability (in part) as the need for transparency.

I believe that forming this connection, ensuring that there is alignment, and creating transparency (in the remote workplace) can be significantly improved and accelerated if executives use or increase the usage of asynchronous (on demand) video interactions.  A simple weekly (recorded) video message to staff might well address all of those issues; here’s why.


In his tips for remote managers, Murphy points out that the best remote leaders are the ones that are true company evangelists. This evangelism can easily be spread by way of a weekly inspirational video from the manager to his or her team. Including segments from key meetings that remote workers can’t physically attend will help remote staff feel more connected to the entire team.


A weekly video message gives managers with a great opportunity to provide remote employees with a steady dose of communication about the rational for the decisions that are being made and the direction of the organization. Including this type of information in a weekly video message goes a long way toward creating organizational alignment.


If this weekly video also includes a segment where the manager simply shares a new idea, discusses a thought or admits making a mistake, then transparency is created. The permanent nature of the communication adds to the transparency.

Video production and distribution can be frictionless

In the past the overhead required to create and distribute video messages was prohibitive. Today’s technology however has this effort frictionless. All any executive needs to do is simply take their cell phone out of their pockets, record their thoughts and hit send. So, if you manage remote employees and want to create connection, alignment and transparency, just pull out your cell phones and say “cheese.”

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