E-learning is growing rapidly but is ineffective without a good learning management system (LMS). An LMS streamlines the process of e-learning so that learners are able to gain the maximum value from their courses. This is particularly true during the onboarding of new employees. Making a good first impression is in the best interest of the organization itself, as new hires will most likely form their opinions of the company based on their first experiences there. Using an LMS aids this process by helping training professionals carefully plan, strategize and execute an appropriate onboarding system. One of the most popular ways an LMS boosts the onboarding process is through the use of gamified onboarding. Here’s how.

New hires arrive on their first day of training. They gather together in a classroom and prepare to receive their first experience of their new workplace. After a few sessions of training, with the usual information about the organization and its structures, values and so on, the instructor notices that most of the employees seem disengaged. These employees came to work full of enthusiasm and willingness to learn and adapt and instead had a massive load of dry information dumped on them.

Instead of simply assigning a lot of courses for the new employees, it would be more fruitful to incorporate some game elements in the training content to make the process of knowledge transfer a more engaging process. These elements can take the form of quizzes, competition, or simply the anticipation of winning points or leveling up.

After adding these elements, the instructor notices a significant change in the demeanor of the employees. They are happier and more engaged and, most importantly, they gain more holistic insights about their new workplace and its people, inculcating a sense of teamwork and adaptability from the very beginning.

Employees are sure to remember their first experience at a new workplace, be it positive or negative. It is up to the organization and its training department to make sure that the onboarding process is successful and assures the employees that they made the right decision in joining the organization. By adding gamification to onboarding programs, organizations can make sure the new hires are more engaged and quickly connect to the values and culture of the organization.

Gamified onboarding encompasses all the benefits provided by an LMS. The gamified courses are carefully planned according to stipulations including costs and learner acceptance. Since gamified courses can combine online and classroom training, this training tool will provide seamless blended learning. It is very easy to control the delivery of these courses to employees based on attributes such as their position and capabilities. Lastly, as courses are completed by the new hires, they are immediately assessed based on their performance and the value they received from the course, which in turn makes reporting results a seamless process.

Today, training is considered as tool for employee retention. The cost incurred on training an individual is recovered if the employee improves his or her skills and raises productivity. Training has now become important in every field. There are several kinds of training methods, and training designers must be capable of matching the best method with the training objectives. A good LMS will help them accomplish that goal.