Dealing with the everyday stresses of a growing company is never easy. Thankfully, video content has come along to ease some of the challenges we face in hiring, recruiting and training. As Joe Pulizzi, founder of the Content Marketing Institute, puts it, “The sheer cost of video production has come down to a point where there are no barriers to entry.” Anyone can make a video now, about virtually any subject imaginable.

The power of video in business is clear; how we organize our efforts is not. This is where a video content management system can be a lifesaver. Many companies have begun adopting this software to consolidate their efforts and create a one-stop-shop for their video solutions.

There are a number of benefits to using a video content management system. Let’s take a look at a few.

Video Interviewing Expanding the Scope of Hiring

Millennials have spent their lifetimes engaged with video. While video interviewing may still have some awkward moments for older generations, the younger crowd sometimes finds comfort sitting in front of the camera.

Having a video content platform to consolidate video interviewing efforts saves hours on wasted phone screenings and unnecessary in-person interviews. Users can simply access the portal, join a session, and then submit and respond to questions with the candidate. This process allows you to consider applicants from all over the world. Your company also gains better insight into candidates than a traditional phone screening, allowing you to consider only the top candidates to schedule for in-person interviews.

Video Content for Training on the Fly

Job coaching is made easier with content management platforms. More millennials are accepting positions working remotely but still want the opportunity to be coached and grow. Job coaching through video communication provides face-to-face opportunities to build teams and discuss feedback.

Supervisors can use “drip” features to distribute short videos incrementally to teams for greater retention. They can assign specific sets of videos to employees based on areas of needed growth, and they can provide feedback in or out of the office through mobile recording and uploading on the platform.

For employees who are eager to get ahead in their careers, video training using a content management system adds a further benefit of being available anywhere at any time through cloud-based storage. Most systems convert playback for mobile viewing, allowing employees interested in career development to view a full library of materials while getting a coffee on the weekend or taking the subway home.

Video Changing the Way We Learn

When it comes to training and coaching millennial staff, video is the key. People often absorb video content with much greater efficiency than when using text-based learning. Granting employees the ability to access and learn on the job through video will build a competent and dynamic workforce. Video content management systems hold it all together, streamlining the process and creating an effective means to create, deliver and view content within your company.