This mantra of change and the creative and renewal process really does it for me: Time’s up – let go. In many ways, I am in the “letting go” business. I help people with people – and this almost invariably means helping people do something differently in their lives in order to be more effective with other people – to let go of one thing and pick up another. I wrote a book entitled “What Got You Here Won’t Get You There in Sales,” with the implication that what got you here will get you here – meaning more of the same. Generally, if you want to get there, to create anew, it’s going to take letting go of something in your life to make room for the new. I hadn’t before considered it a process of creation. I now do.

Let’s acknowledge the enabler in the equation – the active ingredient. It’s very simple, very succinct. It’s just a two-syllable imperative: Time’s up! Letting go is usually so difficult for us because, for the most part, we don’t have to let go. It’s a choice – a logical, positive choice, but a choice nonetheless. We don’t have to let go, and there’s usually lots of competing responses, lots of reasons, to stay in our current comfort zone. In essence, we usually want to hold on for a just a little while longer.

We hold on, and hold on, and years go by. Sometimes, a lifetime will go by without letting go. Then, what is the direct route to more effectively recreating ourselves? Time’s up! Time is up for letting go of wanting something without doing something about it. Time is up for letting go of fear without facing it. Time is up for letting go of blind certainty without listening to another perspective. Time’s up – let go. Let go now. The path to flourishing is to get rid of “clutching” behaviors … to let go of what got us here. To let go of what is.

So how do we let go? Two mantras: gratitude and separation. Let go with a grateful heart – not with sadness, but with a thankful appreciation for what you are letting go of. Then, consciously create the needed separation from the “now” state. That might include separation from people, places, behaviors or whatever triggers give you just more of the same. Time’s up – let go.

Let’s do something different – we can’t help but get better:

  1. Give thanks: It is OK to appreciate what got you here. Make a list of what got you to where you are now in your job or at home.
  2. Make your getaway: Pick one habit that might be holding you back. It can be behavioral, nutritional, verbal – or it might even have to do with your wardrobe. Regardless, create separation between you and the triggers that surround that habit. Time’s up; let go now!