Legacy leadership is not about what leaders do; it’s about what they drive their people to do. This concept is the heart of every impactful leadership philosophy, which is why it isn’t surprising that the top Fortune 500 companies drive their internal structure this way. The best companies have leaders who are focused on creating more leaders. But without an honest, clear-eyed, outside assessment program, there’s simply no way to honestly gauge where you are.

According to Brandon Hall Group’s 2015 “State of Leadership Development” report, more money is spent on leadership development than any other area of corporate learning, yet 71 percent of companies do not feel their leaders are able to lead them into the future. What leaders need is a program that guides them from the initial assessment. They need to know how to apply results and instill the lessons they learned back into the company. That’s the only way leadership development programs can hold value over time.

There are six common problems with leadership development that hold companies back from growing and profiting:

  • The small pool of top leadership candidates
  • A disconnect between leaders and employees
  • Leaders’ uncertainty about their impact
  • Employees who do not believe in the company vision
  • Goal-setting initiatives that fail to hit the mark
  • Employees’ uncertainty about leaders’ direction

Your company’s capacity for long-term growth, which is predicated on how well you develop leaders, is dependent on leaders’ ability to unleash the company from these six issues. Everyone has leashes that hold them back from reaching their full potential, and everyone has the power to remove them to improve himself or herself more each day.

Great leadership strategy is built to launch each leader’s style into turbo drive so that they can grow themselves and grow their people from employees to captains to coaches. Leadership is centered around five factors that drive results: efficacy, goals, approach, relationships and altruism. For people to grow as leaders, they need to take a balanced approach to leverage their strengths by acknowledging and applying the positive impact they make on others.

Bill George, a professor of leadership at Harvard Business School, says that self-awareness is the starting point of leadership. The more aware leaders are of their own and the company’s leadership level, the better they will be at adjusting it to maximize profit.

Most assessments have a “love you and leave you” style. They drop results on participants’ desks and leave them with little knowledge of what they mean. What leaders need instead is an in-depth multi-lesson program that takes application to a whole new level. Through lessons, videos and calls, participants won’t just know how to read their assessments, but they’ll also know how to apply them to take the business to the next level.

You have the power to take any employee, in any situation, and mold him or her into a profit-driving leader for your company. Imagine what it will look like when you have the tactical tools to help leaders unleash their own beliefs so they can secure the legacy of their company’s success. What will that feel like? How will it impact your company? You need a program that doesn’t just tell leaders what to do or why to do it. You need one that tells them exactly how to do it and paves a pathway to unleashed profits and an unleashed team.

The measure of a leader is not what they do but what they drive others to do. Develop leaders who always strive for improvement and growth. Help them go from boss to life-changer.

It’s time to become unleashed. Its time maximize your organization’s leadership potential.