It’s tough being the boss. A lot of people depend on you, but increased efficiency isn’t the answer. The fuel for effective leadership in a world gone mad is sustaining your energy level by generating and focusing a passion for what you do as a leader.

There is a lot you can’t control in any organizational environment today – probably most of it. But you can control you – your thoughts, feelings, conduct – and they are all connected. They all can generate energy. Or not. By far, the most important thing I focus on when I write, teach or coach, is how to be happy and passionate about what you do as a leader. I don’t mean to switch jobs in an effort to ‘do something that you love’ as we hear so many cry out these days. I mean to be happy and passionate about what you are doing now, about leading the people you lead now.

As best I can tell, happiness boils down to abundance and contentment, and it’s at the very center of success in all that we do professionally and personally. Make no mistake, abundance doesn’t mean a lack of hard work, and contentment doesn’t mean freedom from desire or want. But happiness matters. Most importantly, happiness enables passion and passion creates energy. Energy to lead and perform. And guess what? The happiness and the passion isn’t within the job, you won’t find it there. It lies within you – you bring it to the job! The number one indicator of job satisfaction is a personal trait known as “core self-evaluation.” In other words, the primary driver in how happy we are in our job lies in how happy we are with ourselves. Success at work, regardless of how much you have on your plate, depends upon harnessing the energy you are capable of generating, and maintaining and directing it toward your work.

Too much on your plate? Does your job ask more and more of you every day? Ask yourself, “What do I bring to work every day?”