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In Defense of Conversation as a Hard Skill

4 min read
How an organization approaches conversation skills can have a significant impact on its company culture and bottom line. At the end of the day (or fiscal year), conversations are at the heart of everything we do. Conversations determine what happens.

Playing Hard Ball With Soft Skills

2 min read
Many employers underestimate the importance of soft skills, so how do L&D professionals gain buy-in from leaders and employees to play hard ball with soft skills?

Why Soft Skills Are Essential to Project Teams

4 min read
Today’s businesses are increasingly recognizing the significance of soft skills. These skills encompass a variety of abilities that can teams improve productivity, accomplish projects more quickly and thoroughly, and increase engagement and retention.

Go Ahead – Forget Soft Skills

4 min read
Many soft skills can be developed through training, especially for people who are early in their career or in their first leadership job. The problem is that many companies wait a long time to develop people’s soft skills, if they do it at all.

Increase Productivity and Team Engagement with Mind Mapping

2 min read
Mind mapping, a method for organizing and communicating information, has emerged as an essential tool for leadership and collaboration with a wide variety of applications. The process of mind mapping and its visual results have many benefits for leaders.