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The Evolution of E-learning

3 min read
Since the ascent of e-learning over the past two decades, our attitudes, as well as the quality of e-learning offerings and functionality, have continuously changed and evolved

How Microlearning and Informal Learning Go Hand in Hand

2 min read
Informal learning and microlearning are often discussed as two separate vehicles for online education, but the ways these they can influence and help each other can make small, casual learning even better for the employees hoping to benefit from it.

The AFT Model for E-Learning

3 min read
In recent years, online learning has become a popular method of learning. The advantages of e-learning are numerous, from lower costs to accessibility and flexibility. However, when it’s not delivered well, online learning can have many limitations.
One of my university lecturers used to say, “Always define what you mean before you start to discuss something, or else you will find yourself potentially arguing at cross-purposes with someone using a different definition.”

Exploring Today’s E-Learning Ecosystem

3 min read
The advances in the technology and techniques available have enabled us to move well beyond mere “web-based training” to create truly revolutionary learning experiences.
Here are five simple lessons I’ve learned to catapult online learning engagement throughout the course and increase learning transfer and behavior change. These guidelines are easily incorporated into any course curriculum and trainer’s style.