Starting a training program from scratch can offer of number of opportunities for expanding your mindset and to grow, especially when you are faced with developing a department and solutions to other problems as well.

How do you marry health and public safety training successfully? Here are three questions to consider.

1. What Is the Main Focus of the Health Agency?

What is the main focus of the health agency? Is it to turn a profit every quarter? Is it to serve patients? Look at its previous contract to discover some hidden gems. Meet with the board of directors and other key players to gain a full understanding, and ask questions to clarify. By understanding what drives the health agency you are serving, you can more successfully develop the scope for the training program.

2. What Is the Health Agency Known For?

Some health agencies are known for being on lists of top 10 companies to work for. Some are known for having the best customer service in the health care field. If you are unsure what the agency is known for, ask. Don’t make assumptions when you can simply ask.

Once you understand the agency’s strengths, you can start developing a training strategy. Make sure you keep these key stakeholders and their needs in mind:

  • Financial stakeholders: If the agency is a nonprofit, keep its donors in mind; they typically give to causes they believe in. Insurance companies, on the other hand, go where they are paid.
  • Patients: Patients are looking for the best care for their insurance.
  • Community: The community likes to create lifelong partnerships with the best organizations in the area.
  • Guests: Speakers like to do business with well-known health care agencies.
  • Students: If the agency is a partner with a medical school, keep students and their families in mind.
  • Suppliers and vendors
  • Employees: When employees are happy, they refer job candidates.

These factors are important to consider when developing your training strategy to build a great public safety team.

3. What Are the Mission, Vision and Goals of the Public Safety Department the Health Care Agency?

Examining the mission, vision and goals of the health agency and the public safety department can tell you if you are heading in the right direction. The two should be different but aligned. If the agency’s mission and goals are patient- and service-focused, the public safety department’s mission, vision and goals address that focus. Taking a closer look at both the agency’s and the department’s strategy enables you to create a good training strategy.

Once you have answered these three questions, the next step is to determine who will carry out the training, when you will offer training and how often, etc. You’ll probably want to offer these types of courses:

  • New hire orientation: Courses for new hires should cover both public safety and basic information about the health agency.
  • Advanced courses: Advanced courses in areas for employees who want to become experts should be offered online and in person.
  • Management programs: For supervisors and employees who are interested in becoming a supervisor, management courses may take a week to complete and should be instructor-led classes. You may want to award participants a certification upon completion.
  • Professional development: For anyone who wants to complement their other training, you can offer emotional intelligence, communication, leadership and other courses through e-learning or blended learning

With these tips, you should be off to a great start in developing the training strategy for a strong health and public safety program.