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Lead the Way When You Train a New Manager, Part 2

4 min read
In Part 1 of this blog series, I introduced issues that are universal when training new managers. Our discussion here will center on tools you can use to advance your new managers’ development.
What are the soft skills that young employees are missing that their older colleagues value the most? They can be boiled down to some key behaviors in three “old-fashioned” categories: professionalism, critical thinking and followership.

Selecting Leadership Trainers

4 min read
There are so many trainers and facilitators in the market. How do you know who’s qualified to teach your people the skills they need to succeed? And what’s the benchmark? It can be daunting.

Inspired by Young Leadership

4 min read
While tragedies of different kinds continue to come to light with what seems like increasing frequency and massive media attention, a bright light is the young people who step forward to help create positive change.