2022 has been a year filled with change, opportunity and innovation across the training industry. Learning leaders have leveraged training to build a more creative workplace where employees are empowered to take risks and implement new ideas. Resilience, emotional intelligence, and confidence have become necessary skills to help employees and leaders effectively navigate change and uncertainty.

Learning leaders have focused on building a culture of belonging, working to embed diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) into training programs at all levels of the business and fostering more authentic conversations. Effectively leading hybrid teams and designing training for a dispersed workforce have been integral to connecting and engaging employees — regardless of their location.

These themes were among those reflected in the top articles published on TrainingIndustry.com and in Training Industry Magazine, with authors and business experts from around the world sharing their thoughts and ideas with our readers. Let’s take a moment to reflect on some of those insights by reviewing our most-read articles of 2022. They are listed in no particular order.

Here are the top 10 articles of 2022 from TrainingIndustry.com:

Here are the top 10 articles of 2022 from Training Industry Magazine:

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