2020: Looking Back

Oh, what a year it has been! Training professionals have spent the year revamping learning strategies to address new goals and objectives. Remote work and learning have taken center stage, as learning leaders diligently worked to convert instructor-led training to the virtual classroom.

Upskilling employees on the principles of effective digital communication has been a key focus over the past year, while coaching and mentoring have remained core to performance improvement. Learning leaders have embraced agile learning strategies to meet the changing needs of the business — leveraging creativity and innovation to close skills gaps and prepare employees for the future of their roles.

These themes were among those reflected in the top articles and blog posts published on TrainingIndustry.com and in Training Industry Magazine. Let’s take a moment to pause and reflect on this remarkable year by reviewing the most-read articles of 2020 — the content that has helped to guide, inform and inspire learning leaders to effectively manage the business of learning during this challenging year. These articles are listed in no particular order.

The Top Articles

Here are the top 10 articles and blog posts of 2020 from TrainingIndustry.com:

Here are the top 10 articles of 2020 from Training Industry Magazine:

As we move into a new year, stay tuned for ongoing resources published on TrainingIndustry.com and in Training Industry Magazine. To help plan for the future of learning at your organization, please review our “Trends 2021″ report, which identifies the trends that we feel will make a lasting impact on the training industry in the coming year. And, as always, please feel free to reach out to our editorial team and share what’s most important to you.